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All u need to know about Queen Susan face culture Nigeria and her ex Custom officer boyfriend

News has been on the air that this custom office with the name Idris Nasir released the nude pictures of his ex girlfriend days after they broke
up Susan the current face of culture Nigeria and we came across some thing u guys will love to no
about the the ex lovebirds.
According to the beauty queen who told us a lot
she and her ex lover and some plans that
they have together before the break up...... Read
below what she had to say
The beauty queen who told us that they were
dating and though they were going to get marry
as seen in the picture below.
She continued by saying that she was so free
with him to the extend of taking nude pictures
and videos on his phone and now that we have
broken up his then using that to blackmail me.

Queen Susan who went so far by saying that she
really don't care about him again not like before
she was so free with him.
But as a beauty Queen,a role model someone
most model and people look up too I really want
to advice people to be really careful and never
trust any one and always keep there life and
body private no matter what.
As for me Everything happens for a reason and
one thing which is for sure is that when u start
making it people will always try to bring u down.

Your strength and the life u leave will determine
if day can actually bring you down.
Queen Susan stressed further that she is not
angry with him because she no someone out there
in life will create a bigger nemesis for him which
he will forever be stuck in it.
it is indeed a big shame for a highly respected
custom officer to go on social media to blackmail
his ex lover who he was planning to marry.....

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