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Brand New Single by Tianah Acha with Lyrics

Tianah an Abuja based Gospel artist has just released
her first single. You and I.
A Gospel acoustic inspirational song that will set
you straight into relationship with
Just you and I
Just you and I
All I need Lord is just you and I.Solo 1:
I don't need the flowers
I don't need the trees,
I don't need the oceans
Don't need the seas,
I don't need the favors
I don't need the friends,
Anything will do with just You and I.
Just you and
Just you and I
All I need Lord is just you and I.
Solo 2:
There's no love without you
There's no peace within
There is no assurance
There is no relieve,
Cuz You are the source of all that I seek,
I have searched for answers
I have hoped in vain
I have fought to stand strong
But my strength has failed
Now I know that you are all that I need.

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