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Prince UC Augustine is a man of honour
and uprightness who believes that are
so many positive ways to make your
dreams a reality without resorting to
violence or any other dubious means.
That will tarnish the image of this
great nation of ours. A thought that
motivated him into coming up with this
great association, that he believes will

change the perception of an average
Nigerian youth. That involving his/
herself in crime related activities will
make his/her dream a reality.
Read our interview with him below:
Jada9ja: Tell Us About Your Personal
Thank you very much my. My real
names are Uche Augustine Peter,
Popularly known as Prince Uc. I am a
Native of Orlu in Imo state Nigeria.
The only son of my family and the first
born, I have four siblings all girls. I
grow up in lagos, I schooled in lagos, I
mean my primary and secondary
education, then LASU before leaving
school to pursue my career in South
Africa, I was a footballer then. Later
left South Africa for India to sign for
a football club named Chirag United in
Kolkata India, I got injured and had to
study again in Krishna Chabuey
institute of Hotel management because
after my injury I really don’t want to
sit around doing nothing, so I had to
get a certificate and it has really
helped me a lot.
Jada9ja: So What Was Growing Up
(Smiled) It wasn’t easy. It took my
mom 14 good years to give birth to my
immediate younger sister, you should
know what that means. I grew up
amidst so much struggles but it has
been good all the same.
Jada9ja: What Moved You Into
Forming This Association?
I love this question. I have been
managing and consulting for a while
now I do it for hotels, which exposed
me to many things like how our youths
waste their precious time clubbing and
womanising. I never thought of ever
venturing into blogging, I was only a
political commentator/writer. I was
encouraged by my boss to put all my
write-ups into a blog to educate
people. The man I call the People’s
President. Wole Arisekola, the chairman
of streetjournals magazine and WSJ
forum, where I usually engage a lot of
people in some serious argument about
political matters/general matters.
Forming Bloggers Association of Nigeria
is something someone should have done
a long time ago. I encountered a
politician sometime in one of the
Hotels I used to manage and we
discussed about the Nigerian youths and
their challenges. The man asked me
some question which I couldn’t answer.
One of them got my attention which he
also gave some clues on how to solve
the problems. “The youths have to
come together and form an alliance;
they need to bring something to the
table rather than lazing about or
seeking for fast money without genuine
means. He says that if we must make
an impact in this society then we need
to be creative and shun following
politicians for money but forcing them
to support our creativity”. I thought
of this and had to come up with
Bloggers Association of Nigeria to
empower the youths and also to keep
their minds busy. I also believed that
with like minds in blogging world we
can really make a difference. U can
find out the rest via the following link
from BAN website http://
Jada9ja: What Are Your Agendas?
To bring out the best in our youths and
mostly to bring out their creativity.
There are no much Agendas as I believe
that when the youths are hopeful of
the future, they can really find a way
to succeed without engaging themselves
in crime or criminal activities. I really
what the world should know that once
courage is been to use, a lot can be
Jada9ja: Is There Any Government
Support or Any Other Organization?
For now we are only trying to get more
youths on this train of success and see
how it goes. We didn’t create BAN
because we needs government support
but to bring out the best in us and
with a better content and publications,
I believe we can survive without the
Jada9ja: Where Does The Funds
Fund raising is not one of our
challenges now, although we are still
speaking with some top companies and
individuals for support but our main
mission now is to build a strong
relationship between ourselves first.
Jada9ja: So If I Want To Be A
Member What Are The Procedures?
There are no much procedures, you just
have to be a blogger to be a member
and we also have a group on whatsapp
where we share ideas. Bloggers who
wishes to join should send their URL to
the following numbers.
+234 706 877 1132 Smash9ja whatsapp
Admin. +234 805 206 3461 Nubunk.
V.President #BAN. Whatsapp Adim.
+234 817 390 0892 Gistnation.
Whatsapp Admin. +234 806 361 5010.
ProfJay whatsapp Admin.
+234 706 134 2822 jada9ja Whatsapp
Admin. +2348159833203. Naija-
informate. #BAN president. Whatsapp
Jada9ja: How Many Members Have
Registered With The Association And
Are They All Bloggers?
Yes we have more than 200 registered
Bloggers already and we make sure we
thoroughly verify their Blogs and webs
before accepting them. Though not all
of them are interested in joining the
whatsapp group but they do follow
what we do through emails
Jada9ja: Now Lets Talk About The
Big Shots In The Game, The Likes
Linda, Stella, Bellanaija Are Also
Well for now they are not but we are
still reaching out to them because I
believe they will add much value to
the Association. And being the top-
shots as you pointed out in your
question, they can make some positive
Jada9ja: Why Did You Think They
Refused To Become Members?
(Cuts in) Oh No. I never said they
refused to join us! The Association is
new and not everybody is aware of it
existence, we are still trying to get
more bloggers on the success Train.
Jada9ja: Do You Think Is Because
They See Themselves As Top
Bloggers Or Because They Don’t
Believe In You Guys?
Am sure they will never say that, and
it will be good if we don’t insinuate
such. These guys are already in the
business. Yes I mean business! because
Blogging should be a career and when
you are making money from what you
do then it becomes your business. We
will surely need them to share their
experience with other bloggers and help
empower the youths. I see it as an
opportunity for them too, as they will
be giving back to the society through
this platform.
Jada9ja:  At This Point If You Let Me
Ask You This: Where Do You See This
Association In The Next 5 Years?
Wow! That’s a nice question. Am sure
you know how music and movie industry
started. We already have BON and
others like that. I am seeing a great
and career wise BAN in the next 5
years. I see our youths embracing peace
and making money without breaking any
law. I see BAN educating the society
and affecting people’s lives positively.
Jada9ja: A Word Of Advise For The
Youth Out There
I don’t need to say much, I will only
advise the youths to be creative, there
are always good fortunes in creativity.
We should stop collecting guns from the
politicians, rather they should seek for
our support to drive their creativity and
not killing one another for any reason.
Together we can make a difference.

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