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France proposes sanctions against Libya

France says it will propose sanctions against Libya, as fears mount that Islamic State is taking advantage of political instability to establish itself in the country. Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told the newsmen in Cairo during his visit to Egypt “I do not exclude that we can threaten sanctions. In any case that is what I will propose to my foreign minister colleagues on Monday in Brussels,” Ayrault said. France had said in February that it would support
levying sanctions against those knowingly hinder the political process.

The ministry said that there were small numbers of radicals in both political camps in Libya who are trying to derail consensus.

Ayrault said that it was not time for military action, but that the threat of IS in Libya was real.
“We cannot continue with this situation, which poses a danger to Libyans and to the entire region; which threatens Tunisia and threatens Europe,’’ he added.

According to Ayrault, any action in Libya depends on the creation of a national unity government that is recognised by the international community. The UN has been trying to broker an agreement between the internationally recognised parliament in Tobruk and a rival Islamist-leaning administration that controls the capital Tripoli.

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