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Psquare separation: what is really happening

It is quite disheartened that the duo can easily be separated after so many years of struggles an success as one strong team.
I could remember some years back when a particular record label wanted to separate the duo with the intention of signing Paul okoye. He didn't just refused the offer but they tamely sang about it, telling Nigerians that Peter and Paul dem "be 1 no be 2". A song that assured Nigerian of their strong bond and unity.
Listening to Paul okoye's single "Call Heaven" u will agree with me that it was a
family issue and not just a matter of ambition.
On the Latest MTV based interview with Paul, he mentioned his new label (Rudboy RL) and his two new signings but when asked about the drift between him and his twin brother peter, he bluntly affirmed my assumption that it was a family matter that has got nothing to do with Ambition or their musical Career.
Now my question: what really happened?
You could recall that their big brother Jude okoye was like the duo's back bone and the person who brought them to lagos from Jos where they actually resided before their rise to fame.
Jude and peter started the drift initially because of Peter's then finacee Lara Omotayo now Peter's wife cos Jude was and still against the union. It got to an extend that peter tweeted that Peter and Paul are the P- square and not Jude or anyone else, he also said that his immediate family which comprises of his wife, him and his son is his first priority. The matter continued for so many months b4 this sudden separation saga.
Well stay awake as I will be bringing you more gist on the Peter and Paul p- Square matter..
There is no smoke without fire.


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