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How to create wealth in a harsh economy: ‘101 ways’ reveals business ideas and success stories

Recent studies reveal that since the slump in crude oil prices, more than 450,000 Nigerians have lost their jobs in the last 18 months. So far, the worst hit jobs have been in oil and gas, banking and manufacturing. Sadly, more jobs could be lost in 2016 as the economy continues to
But while the economy bites hard and unemployment continues to rise, some smart Nigerians are thinking outside the box and creating wealth in very innovative ways. Their successes prove that entrepreneurship, and not employment, is the best and smartest way to survive in a harsh economy -- and anyone can learn from these successes and innovative ideas.
‘101 Ways To Make Money in Africa’ is a comprehensive collection of the most lucrative business ideas and opportunities that are currently creating wealth across Africa. It also shares several amazing and inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs who started from nothing, but are now building world-class businesses everywhere in Africa.
Already distributed and read in 35+ countries within and outside Africa, this ‘encyclopedia’ of business ideas and insight is now available in Nigeria.
To see some of the business ideas and success stories in the book,

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