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How to fix Nigeria

We need a nation where the Son of a farmer and the daughter of a billionaire will have equal opportunity to get job at CBN! #HowToFixNigeria

'Despite the opportunities, without devaluing the currency foreign investor confidence will remain shaky' - Natznet Tesfay #HowtoFixNigeria

While foreign investment may be declining, it's a chance for
local enterprise to thrive. #HowtoFixNigeria

Which foreign investor is willing to bring in $1 @ N199 while you can change the same across the street for 300? Prof Soludo. #HowtoFixNigeria

The Nigeria economy is broken, only diversification and export oriented industrialisation can fix Nigeria- Funmi Iyanda #HowtoFixNigeria

#HowtoFixNigeria's Economy is not about tinkering.
The constitution is fundamentally flawed, designed 4 consumption of the oil rent- Prof Soludo
Fixing the economy is not about tinkering with exchange rates etc. Constitution was based on sharing oil proceeds - Prof Soludo #HowtoFixNigeria

Prof Soludo: "The Constitution designed Nigeria as an edifice for the consumption of oil rents... Not about production." #HowtoFixNigeria

The fundamental of Nigeria constitution was about sharing and never about production- Prof Soludo #HowtoFixNigeria

Is #Nigeria a socialist economy or a capitalist economy. Could this be the problems? #HowtoFixNigeria

No one has reversed the era of SAP. That's the problem with Nigeria #HowtoFixNigeria
"For Nigeria to move forward, Mr President must learn to use his left hand"- Prof Soludo #HowtoFixNigeria

"Nigeria is classified as a failed state with a failed economy" - Prof Soludo #HowtoFixNigeria

'If God loves Nigeria, he will keep the oil price lo!' - Prof Charles Soludo #HowtoFixNigeria

The key to regional economic development = 'competitive federal units which are fiscally viable' - Prof Charles Soludo #HowToFixNigeria

Compiled by Frank Uzo

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