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Photos: Ritualists get caught and arrested in Osun state

Facebook user, Abdulsalam Abdulfatah Liberty shared this photos of two suspected ritualists arrested in Osun state. He wrote;

"These two guy got in to the trap like fishes that has escaped hook severally but finally swallow the hook. Their shrine as it is contained in the pictures is based somewhere at Otakiti village, some miles away from Okinni town beside Osogbo. In their shrine are different kinds of scaring sculptures of mysterious appearance. There are also underground tunnels and weapons of different categories like cutlass, knife and axes.
It is sure that hundreds of innocent people have fell victim and hanged in this trap... Many young men lost either their lives or their entire money to this criminals. This reminds me of an important hint that will be useful to a potential victim... Ondo town is dominated with these criminal who are hunting their potential victim seriously. The antidote is that you don't allow yourself to be attracted by huge money, it is a trap on the street of Ondo.

As these two suspects Mr. Semiu Adeyemi and Nahim Adedeji, both are indigene of Ilobu are now in the trap of police, we have on our search light on the ongoing investigation and we will not wait and allow these criminals to escape justice. We are close marking the police as the investigation continues.

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