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The Learning Nuggets Company

The Learning Nuggets Company gives individuals the opportunity to upgrade/further their career by applying for our GTUC International degrees programme while they work.
As a member of the Global Business Coalition for Education, we are in
affiliation with reputable international educational institutions, helping to manage their outsourced operational setup and infrastructure for delivering services to the local market e.g. GTUC International Partner Masters & PhD Programmes.

GTUC partner institutions include –
UK: Coventry University, University of Staffordshire.
Germany: University of Anhalt and University of Wildau.
Denmark: Aalborg University.
Ghana: KUNST.
India: M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science.
Learning Nuggets Company also recruits on behalf of leading international institutions such as Ashridge Business School (UK) for postgraduate programme.
The Learning Nuggets Company focuses on providing learning solutions that equip learners with skills and competencies required for participation in the local job markets. This includes content to
support “pre-work” and “in-work” learners in areas such as: vocational, ICT, management and more.
Visit our website or call us today for more information.

The Learning Nuggets Company Nigeria
Tel: +234(0)8085039466, +234(0)8062323292, +234(0)7046344131

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