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The book titled The Power Of Positive Thinking, tells a story I find remarkable.
It is the story of a young athlete and his coach. While training in high jump, the athlete experienced some difficulty trying to jump over a particular height. He will go close to the bar and
measure himself against it and turn back.
After attempting and hesitating severally, the athlete said to his coach. ‘‘Coach, how do I go over this bar? I should be able to go over it but I do not know how?’’ The coach response was ‘‘son, throw your heart over the bar and your body will go over it.’’
Wow! The coach was teaching the athlete that it is what you believe you become. Whatever you cannot overcome on the inside, you cannot overcome on the outside.
Deep within your heart what do you believe? Do you see yourself attaining your goals before the end of the year?
Anything is possible, if you just believe You will succeed.

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