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NetDivo Launches Software For Printing Recharge Cards In Nigeria

In a bid to empower Nigerians interested in making money from recharge card business in Nigeria;

Netdivo, a digitial marketing firm in Nigeria, has launched a recharge card printing software known as

"NetDivo ePin Manager".

According to NetDivo, the software will now make it very easy for anyone, anywhere in Nigeria, to print

recharge vouchers of all networks in Nigeria from the comfort of their room, office or shop. It works

with ePins irrespective of the dealer they were purchased from and it is highly secured with admin id

and password.

Unlike POS machines used for printing vouchers in Nigeria, NetDivo ePin Manager doesn't require

internet access for printing airtime vouchers. You simply upload the epin file and the vouchers get

printed on white or customized papers loaded into the printer connected to the PC on which the

software is installed.

The NetDivo recharge card printing software allows users to re-print vouchers and also supports multi-

users. Besides that, it allows users to customize printed airtime vouchers with their business/company


The NetDivo ePin manager is available for download at :

Free manual and video tutorial are available at the site too for free download.

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