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The Introduction Of New Technology Features, Safety Measures, And Marketing Strategies

In recent years, there has been a lot of classifieds platforms sprouting out in the Nigerian internet space, offering same service, and often, with almost same features, and methods.

Now we haveAdbushi.com, a new brand, with a very unique approach to classifieds business in Nigeria. One of the many unique features of Adbushi.com is that it offers sellers/advertisers, the opportunity to enable the newly introduced Trade/Value Offer System, and also, an opportunity for buyers to bid, bargain/negotiate, right there on their website, with just a click! The sellers can offer cash, or exchange of a similar product, and once approved by seller/advertiser, they can agree to meet and finalize.

Advertise and Sell ,Adbushi it

Their website is very simple by design, reliable, and easy to use. It has a very catchy products and services’ showcase, at the homepage, a dynamic search system, and product/service inquiry page. 
Ads can be published under various categories, such as; fashion, real-estate (flats, land, houses for rent or sale), kitchen appliances, vehicles,(cars, motorcycles, spare parts), dating(need a hubby, need a wife, casual relationships, search for a lost contact), sale of almost anything, travel and recreation, services, and business directory , education (courses, classes) , jobs offers - employment, jobs Search , resume, pets , health and fitness products, electronics-mobile phones, laptops, desktops and everything else..

Advertise and Sell ,Adbushi it

What Makes Adbushi Unique? 

  • It's 100% Free.

  • Ads are locally sourced i.e. you can always get great deals near where you live.

  • The website very reliable, and safe, as most of their members/sellers are verified, and strictly monitored.
  • The Platform is very easy to use.

  • They have an excellent Digital Marketing Team

  • Legendary customer relations

  • The website super fast!

  • According to Adbushi’s CEO, Ambrose Chukwuma; Adbushi.com is the first classified ads site in Nigeria to integrate and implement a Price/Trade Bidding System that permits value /trade exchange, and also allows you to bargain with seller, while having instant feedback! You can advertise, learn, share, connect, MAKE AN OFFER/BARGAIN, Bid, rent, search, swap, buy, and sell almost anything, in Nigeria without hassle.
    Job seekers can find jobs, or simply upload their resume online at the Job search section of Adbushi.com. It's 100% free!

    All Adbushi.com users are required to get their accounts verified. 

    Registration, Account Verification, and Ad Posting, are 100% free on Adbushi.com, and there is no limit to the number of ads that can be posted!
    There is also a well tailored effective system that tracks repeated ads, or ads with spam words/contents, and automatically deletes them. 
    On the side bar, particularly when viewing any product, you will see a beautifully designed suggestion box popping at you, and suggesting other related products from sellers/advertisers near your location. This creates that market feeling and experience you get when shopping at the malls. 
    There are many other unique features on Adbushi.com which you will see or notice, when you take a look at their website. 

    Oh before I forget, their customer service is not just the best, but also legendary!
    So, with the new focus on trust, security, convenience, and ease of use, Adbushi.com is now set to become the No.1 Classifieds Platform in Nigeria in the near future. 

    Have you tried Adbushi.com? Please share your experience

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