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Horrible experience with some robbers in Lagos yesterday a Lady narrates

A lady named Adegun Busayomi, took to Facebook to share her horrible experience with armed robbers in Lagos yesterday June 14th. She wrote

"I woke-up 2 day with a smile on my face with full strength & a vision to start a beautiful day...but it all turns out to be a bad crying day, that I can never forget in my life....on my way to work dis morning I entered oshodi bus from fadeyi... Immediately I entered d guy on my left side started complaining dat d one at d bk was trying to pick his pocket
next thing he changed position to my right side & said onipa wa oooo....next thing Immediately d one at d Bk hooked my neck and said don't shout. D one beside the driver said allow her to lay down on d floor..... They drag me flat on d floor... He collected my bag Started asking question where do u work?, I said I am student which sch, which course, what level my name my state....I keep answering d question....he picked my ATM he asked 4 my pin I told him he gave it to one of them and they dropped him... I started crying if this is actually my end, are they going to use me, are they going going to kill me so many things started coming in to my mind, I remembered my mum & my siblings d 27 years ago story DAT can't be forgotten in my family..... I keep begging them not to hurt me d man in front, said if they found so so amount in my acct they won't hurt me but if I give them wrong pin or no money in my acct they will call my family or they will rape me till I lose my last breathe, I started praying silently calling 4 mercy they were 8 guys......one was busy touching my breast one hooked my neck down one used his legs to pin my legs together I keep crying calling God to save me.... Next thing d guy that droped called them and d one in d front pass something to d one at d bk they told me to close my eyes but I didn't said to my self if am going to die am going to open my eyes and see everything.....next thing it was pepper he put pepper in my two eyes my breast and he was trying to open my trouser zip but he couldn't I was screaming I can't see,was trying guiding my eyes not to put more pepper trying holding my jeans not to put pepper in my virginal thinking of they still want to rape me after all they collected from me my phones, power-bank my sis money in my bag and d change I Have there too they packed everything and dropped me on d floor at cooker going to oshodi and left till now am still not my self Have never be handle like that in my life (June 14)my terrible day I just want to close my eyes and forget everything but I can't, it keeps playing on my head and is hurting me more hmm Thank God for saving my life..."

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