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Watch the Video: Twitter Users React to Ooni of Ife Singing “Jesus is my Father” in Church

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, during his 3-week trip to the United States of America, visited the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCGG), Jesus House in Washington DC.

While addressing the congregation, the Ooni asked them to join him in singing a song to his father that will never fail him – Jesus.

The Ooni went on to sing the song: “I have a father that will never ever fail me…. Jesus is my father, he will never ever fail me…”

Watch the video here:    

Mixed reactions have trailed the comments made by the Ooni; Some say he shouldn’t have claimed allegiance to another “deity’ and others saying he is free to say and do whatever her likes.
I like that the Ooni recognise and acknowledge Jesus as his lord and saviour... All other gods are the works of men...
Millions of global Santeria worshippers looking to Ife as their spiritual home, and then the Ooni does this. https://twitter.com/quietswami/status/747815998334599168 
Those who installed Ooni Ogunwusi on the exalted throne of Ife, political and cultural, need to sit him down before he causes us ruination.
I don't understand the outrage against Ooni...

He should miss heaven because of tradition?

In practical terms, there's no way you are an Ooni, and still a Christian, in the sense of the word.

You don't have to agree.
Ooni sings. Ooni shouldn't be singing songs.

Ooni visits someone. Ooni shouldn't go visiting.

Una sabi these rules and una no be Ooni?
Ooni of Ife is a CHRISTIAN

Oba of Lagos is a MUSLIM

Work on ur own Faith first & Mind ur business
So these ones are vexing because the Ooni is a professing Christian? Didn't the gods know that before they chose him as the next Ooni?
U are saying Ooni is not respecting values .. bla bla bla ... And u are INSULTING him on Twitter.. U urelf, what are u respecting ??
As far as the Ife Oracles are NOT complaining ... U can table ur "Online grievances" about Ooni in front of God on Judgement Day....
The Ooni is the custodian of yoruba culture, tradition, history and Religions, he can not be "Jesus is Lord" upandan.
No he can't.
But how can you respect a throne and then call the occupier of the throne all sorts of names?
Granted that the King went out of line, but how can you speak of the prestige and essence of the throne while deriding it same time?
The Ooni of ife isn't just any baale of ikiru, he can't abandon tradition for Bible or Quran. https://twitter.com/kelvinbenye/status/748260707121176576 
Embrace whatever religion you want to, but don't make our culture subservient for a religion the white man instituted for us.
Ooni Sijuwade, in his 80s, made some claims that maybe caused sceptics to raise their brows, but I doubt even he went as far as Noah's Ark.
Sad thing is the young and vibrant Ooni Ogunwusi is not making these claims tongue-in-cheek. He is speaking in earnest. It's ridiculous.

The Ooni of Ife wants to go to Heaven with some of us, you people can decide where you want to go but leave him alone 🙄

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