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Dating tips to Dear single ladies and gentlemen

One of your major desires in a potential spouse should be someone who brings out the best in you. Not someone who just makes you happy.
Don’t just desire someone who will simply accept all your flaws, take you as you are, and leave you that way. Desire someone who challenges you to be all that you can be, someone who challenges you to become a better version of yourself, someone who acknowledges your weak points but still wants to help turn those weaknesses to strengths.
Relationships are meant to add value to us and enhance us, not leave us the same way. What are you learning from that potential spouse? How has he/she ignited positive changes in you? Assess yourself and your relationship if you are in one now. Since the day you met that person or decided to begin a relationship, has it changed you for the better?
Most people prefer someone who just does everything they want or gives them what they want. However, someone who helps you grow (spiritually, emotionally & mentally,etc), someone who sharpens you, someone who is not afraid to tell you some hard truths about yourself (that you may not necessarily like – in a loving manner of course!), is actually better for you in the long run, Choose wisely.

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