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Should I Tell My Friend About His Loyal Girlfriend?

I will try to make this very snappy.
I have a childhood friend who is so very much in love with his girlfriend of 4-5years. (Whom I have never met) Fortunately, the girl in question got admission to the school I currently am and she was offered the course I am also studying.
My friend called me and told that his Bae was given admission to study the same course I am studying, and he begged me to keep tabs on her. I assured him that I would try. (me wey no get time)
He sent me her pictures and told me to look for her at her where she receive lectures and get to know her better. I assured him that would i will of which I never did due to the distance of her lecture hall. I was optimistic that I would eventually see her one of these days.
Two weeks ago, my friend called me, after exchanging pleasantries he gave the phone to his Bae. I greeted her and congratulated her on getting admission to study the best course on campus. She begged me for past exam questions and handouts, I promised to give her the ones I would lay my hands on. I also advised her not be carried away with guys on campus, she thanked me and promised not to disappoint my friend.
I got to meet another girlfriend of my friend Bola (not her real name) who happened to be the same class she was. I asked her if she knows Joy (my friend's girl friend..not her real name too) I showed her the pictures my friend sent to me on my phone for easy identification. She immediately told me that she was their course rep and the most popular figure in her class.
Fast forward that same night in my course mate birthday party, Bola came to where i sat and told me that Joy was dancing with a guy in the middle of the hall. (It was quite dark and I couldn't really notice the faces of the people dancing)
I stood up and wanted of meet her for the first time, I got a shocker when the guy she was dancing with (I know the guy very well, he is my senior and I was one of his main man in his electioneering campaign team) sighted me and hugged me, he introduced her to me as his girlfriend and shook hands with her I was dumfounded and returned to my seat.
A girl I spoke with two weeks ago.. having a boyfriend already. I was perplexed. I wanted to confirm if she was truly the person, she went outside and I followed her. I stopped her and she responded with a smile. I asked her if they guy was truly her boyfriend, she said yes and confirmed my my fears. I asked her how long they were dating , she said she met him when she was doing her registeration. She asked why I was asking, I told her that I was feeling for my friend. She asked what i meant by that. I brought out my phone and showed her my friend picture. she started begging me and I pleaded that I should not tell my friend nothing.
I avoided her like a plague till the party ended.
This incident happened on Sunday night and I have been thinking on what to do.
should I tell my friend?

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