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Steps to take to be finacially stable as an investor or individual with ease

H2i an international empowerment based NGO with a mission of touching the lives and helping the less privileged in society through its revolutionary business of blending humanitarian aid and multi-level marketing.
It started out as a humanitarian NGO by a philanthropist named Mrs. Luzviminda in the year 2010, in the Philippines. Later on, the idea to touch millions of lives all over the world using the proven Multi-Level Marketing business model was developed through the help of co-founder of H2I and MLM business strategist, philanthropist and dentist, Dr. Raniel Polycarpio, from there the Helping Hands International Business was born.

It’s African headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria which began operations in December, 2013.

Our Vision

To help the needy and the less privileged in society.

Our Mission

1.To touch lives of people ( non members) through our members

2.To empower members (globally) to be skillful thereby creating wealth and job opportunities for others.

3.To engage members in a business opportunity via a genuinely proven and tested platform called referral marketing , network marketing.

Goals and Objectives

To reach 10 million people in 20 years with our empowerment and business opportunity and help them attain financial freedom.

                         Our Slogan

Helping Hands International!
H2i …Touching Lives!!
H2i ….. Empowering People!!
Hundreds of Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Cars Given Out To Members. The Next Batch Could Be Yours

What Business Does Helping Hands International Provide ?

To be in business you must offer either services or products. Helping Hands International offers services and these services include:

1.Humanitarian Services
2.Trade and Skill Acquisition Services
3.Asset and Property Support Services
4.Financial Empowerment Fund
5.Scholarship Award Services

These services are provided in the following manner:

1.Humanitarian services to the less privileged in society (members and non members).

2.Free skill acquisition training for members interested like fish farming, poultry, web design, graphic design, auto cad, etc

3.Provision of non-interest and non-collateral loan to members for the acquisition of assets.
4.70% property support services for members.
5.Scholarship funds to members.

6.Housing fund for members.

7.International trips and other incentives like Hyundai Elantra, Ipad and laptop for members.
Passive income from referrals, matrix bonus, matching bonus and yearly infinity bonus for members.

How Can I Join?

To join this revolutionary business, you paying a one – time registration fee of $40 or the Naira equivalent to your upliner or sponsor through Bank transfer, Perfect Money and Solid TrustPay .

The $40 (N6,600 ) is actually called a “donation”. With your donation, the organization is able to carry out its mission as enumerated above.

1) CLICK THE TO JOIN NOW and then click on the Start button on the website. http://helpinghandsinternational.biz/

2) When you click on Start Now. You would see the next page called registration. Please make sure Sponsor information reveals Sponsor id / bereola2 as shown below.

3) After filling in your details on the registration page and clicking on the sign me up button, you would be directed to the next page which is the payments page:

On the payments page you have the various options of paying your sponsor through:

1. E-wallet (bank transfer)
2. Perfect Money

                                          For more info

Leave your number on comment
Contact: helping hands WhatsApp +2347081545579 

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