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Idris Usman: Abdulmumin Jibrin and the frustration of an unstable Mind

The time has come for Nigerians to begin to
question the sanity of mind of the man,
behind the controversy currently pervading
the Nigeria House of Representatives.
While the antecedent of the arrow-head of
this ignoble conduct may not be hidden to
some, let me also remind the public who have
followed the turn of events about the
character called Abdulmumin Jibrin and why
someone of his kind, should never be taken
serious when issues of public importance and
trust, is to be determined.
One wonders what side of the bed, this young
man woke up from, the very day he took up
the job of an emergency activist in his
seriocomic attempt to dismantle the
leadership structure of the House of
Representatives under his ego driven anti-
corruption crusade of “budget padding.”
Every sane minds have continued to ask
Jibrin, if the same Budget he superintended
over as the Chairman of the House Committee
on Appropriation is the same that he is
currently attempting to tear down before the
Nigerian public. It is no doubt, that His
removal as the Chairman of the Committee
was based on sundry acts of misconduct,
incompetence, immaturity, total disregard for
his colleagues and abuse of the budgetary
process, among others.
It should also be noted that one of the
fundamental reasons why the house leadership
removed him is that he was found not to be
fit and proper person to hold such a sensitive
office, which exposes him to high officials of
government at all levels. Furthermore, it has
been revealed that in the course of the
performance of his duties as chairman of
appropriations committee, it became evident
that he does not possess the temperament and
maturity required for such a high office.
From time immemorial, Jibrin has the
tendency and proclivity to blackmail
colleagues and high government officials, and
misuse and mishandle sensitive government
information.He was in the habit of collating,
warehousing and manipulating sensitive
information to blackmail people sometimes
apparently for pecuniary purposes.
Recall that sometimes in 2002, Jibrin and
some known Youth and Students’ leaders
formed a group known as Grand Alliance of
Nigeria (GAONI), an organization he used
mainly for his personal enrichment until he
was unceremoniously removed as the leader of
the group.
His exploitative tendencies took him into
business and political partnership with many
several members of the political class, where
he used companies registered by him, to
embark of several unexecuted contracts and
money laundering. At a time he was preparing
to contest his first election into the House of
Representatives in 2011, the numerous
scandalous activities of Abdulmumin Jibrin
have gotten to a peak as he was then nabbed
and arraigned by the EFCC in a 50-count
corruption charge against the former governor
of Nasarawa State, Aliyu Akwe Doma, in the
looting of public fund to the tune of N15
billion, having used his company, Green
Forest, to consult for the Doma-led
government in Nasarawa State.
In pure exhibition of his arrogance and
rascality, Jubrin in December 2013 walked
the then finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-
Iweala out of a meeting the House committee
on Finance was to hold with her on the state
of the economy in preparation for the
consideration of the 2014 budget.
Jibrin’s outburst at the time followed an
altercation with the minister. He immediately
handed the minister 50 questions on the true
state of Nigeria’s economy.
When Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala eventually
responded to the questions, Jibrin in his
overbloated ego, rejected her response and
asked her to re-answer.
There is no doubt that his latest adventure is
just one of those numerous “bad jobs” he
specializes in doing for political bidders, who
main target is the removal of Honorable
Yakubu Dogara led leadership of the House.
Let me finally remind Abdulmumin Jibrin that
once a budget is signed, it becomes a law.
You cannot Investigate a law, you can only
challenge it in court. I strongly know that
Jibrin is only acting a script to get Hon.
Yakubu Dogara out and this must be resisited
by every Nigerians of good conscience.
Long live Nigeria.
Idris Usman is a social commentator based in

Source: Naija informate

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