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Photo: Tears of Joy!!! Flavour Surprises His producer Mastercraft with Brand New Car

Wow, Flavour has just showed Nigerian artist how to show appreciation to their producers. The fact that many artists are enjoying the creative genius or hard work of their producers is no news but what is news is that only few actually go back to show appreciation apart from paying their recording fees.This is how to show appreciation. MASTER KRAFT has Produced many of Flavours hit songs which include Shake Ukwu, Ikwokrikwo, Kwarikwa, Egwu, Chinny Baby just to mention This is a well deserved gift and i bet we all expect moregreat songs from their combination.


  1. Congrats mastercraft...thumb up Mr. Flavor

  2. Let me have a ride with you flavor...

  3. Nice one... Flavor


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