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APC the party for change #ChangeBeginsWithMe

During campaigns it was "vote APC (the party) for change"; in government it is "the change begins with you (the voter)".
Now, 18 months after elections, where does the CHANGE begins from and who's responsible for making it happen? 

The party that rode to power on the premise of the change slogan or the Nigeria voters who voted for the change on the strength of campaign promises made to them?

It is obvious that Mr. President's handlers are not helping his government; in fact, they are messing things up. It started with the public disowning of the APC campaign document "My Covenant with Nigerians.." 
then they 'blame Jonathan's government for
all the ills of the country' and now this shot-in-the-foot 'change begins with me (the voter)' campaign which is direct repudiation of the change manta APC promised Nigerians that helped the party to win their support and a resounding victory at the 2015 polls. 

This #ChangeBeginsWithMe, coming close to mid-term, negates the very contract APC entered with Nigerians on the delivery of CHANGE and, in some measure, it is abdication of responsibility for the performance of social contract on the part of the current administration.

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