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Bovi Ugboma on Professor Johnbull’s “Beautiful Girls”

Ace stand-up comedian and Glo ambassador Bovi Ugboma made a grand appearance in this week’s edition of Professor Johnbull, the latest television comedy series now making waves in the country. The programme which is sponsored by Globacom has been drawing heavy traffic to national networks at prime time in the last nine weeks.

This week’s episode entitled “Beautiful Girls” is a caricature of the penchant of some ladies to cosmetically manipulate their complexion to appear lighter skinned. In the episode, which showed on Tuesday, the very conservative and fatherly Professor Johnbull, acted by Kanayo O. Kanayo, found the act appalling and disgraceful. The episode saw the Professor tangle with Bovi who was to supply him beautiful female ushers for his up-coming seminar.

The Professor accused Bovi and the girls he brought of lying and rejected the girls for looking different from their photographs. He had more harsh words for the girls themselves, “… impostors, prevaricators, fabricators, spinners of yarn…” 

He threatened that Bovi could be tried and convicted for what he called dere dere which he interpreted to mean ‘magic’ (in West Indies). It was a hilarious show that also saw Bovi being made fun of by Professor Johnbull’s janitor, Abednego, for bringing girls who bleached their skins which resulted in a multi-coloured effect on their skins: “white in the face but black on the body.” Abednego made a case for yellow girls “that are yellow” and Bovi took exception to the insinuation, leading to a quarrel.

Finally, Bovi assembled all the girls in his arsenal at Olaniyi’s Nkwobi joint hoping to impress the Professor. His lecture was both hilarious and inspiring at the same time. The erudite former lecturer gave a pep talk on the value of smiling and got Olaniyi, Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) and the girls to smile, or at least pretend to smile.

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