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Mohammed Babangida sent assassins to kill his ex-wife- Rahama Indimi's family

Mohammed, son of Former Nigerian Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, who is currently battling his ex wife Rahama for custody of their two oldest kids in a Sharia court was accused by Rahama's family member tulip_bistroI yesterday of stationing a surveillance team outside her home. She has since announced this morning that the surveillance team is no longer stationed at their homes. Read more of what she said after the cut...
"I know a lot of you ask why did I have to bring this out to the public but this has been going on for a while but when it came to me having to take my six week old baby to the hospital at 2 am and I realized I was being pursued by who I though to be armed robbers and it ended up being his people, I knew I had had enough, so this was the only way to get them to stop. Thank you for the phone calls and dms. All will be well insha Allah".

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