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My Thoughts On Mark Zuckerberg visit To Nigeria #BAN_9ja

This visit actually puts Nigeria on the map. No leopard looking escort, no long chain of security aides, no traffic due to the visit. It actually shows Nigeria is a safe country.
I bet the US embassy was not aware of his visit and are unhappy about it. It makes them irrelevant.

Mark Zuckerberg is an unusual fellow. I just want you to know unusual people actually champion their fields.

Mark Zuckerberg was in his usual simple dress style. 

No wrist watch, necklace, or an expensive Italian shoe and he was spotted in Yaba,
3rd mainland bridge and Ikoyi link bridge with no single security escort, I am sure some people might have seen him and walk pass him like a regular oyinbo(white) contractor not knowing he's the 7th richest man in the world worth $58 billion.
Now for the ladies looking for some guy that's full of swags, happy looking oh !!!
And I pray our leaders will learn from this and start receiving brain.

Moral lesson: 

If you're still out there underrating him because a guy wears jean and Polo with my legedese Benz, I'm seriously shaking my head for you. I just like Mark's simplicity. T-shirt on jeans.
Most people that wore tie as if they want to hang themselves na them dey hustle pass with little to show financially.

Honestly,If I ever get the opportunity of meeting this man, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. These are the kind of people I wish to meet in life and not some half Unclad people wearing chains meant for dogs suffering from rabbis.

Did you notice he was wearing a Nike Shirt?
Am guessing he has a contract agreement with Nike. Can u imagine how much that will boost Nike profit. Imagine the worlds youngest billionaire wearing a shirt branded by you! . Marks makes money too by wearing the polo. Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria. It's a sight to behold. A man worth $54b, in Naira, that is about 22 trillion Naira. He jogs on the street of Lagos with no escorts, No fanfare, no extravagant show off, No unnecessary awareness. But welcome to Nigeria, where a yahoo boy who just duped a white man of 2 million naira would go on all designers just to pass a message that he has indeed arrived.

Where pastors who do not even do anything but lie and extort ignorant people would preach with armed bodyguards all over, meanwhile they emphasis on God being able to protect u from all dangers....
Anyways, I envy the great Zuckerberg, his charitable lifestyle is unparalleled, second only to Bill Gates. His humility is unmatched, and his impact on our world is invaluable. I forget to mention, He's an atheist, but of more value than millions of 'them'...
Meanwhile thank God he didn't announce his visit. The Federal government would have formed a Committee to receive our "August visitor". He would be met by masquerades and cultural dancers.
And forget about the road jog and pictures of him in yaba, he would be surrounded by soldiers n pot bellied ministers would jostle over themselves  to have a picture with him.
Meanwhile, Political parties would claim the visit was finalized under trashes blablabla.

May GOD Help Us.!!!

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