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Prof. Hilary Inyang: Kaduna tremor may occur again

An expert and a Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science, Prof. Hilary Inyang, yesterday explained why there was tremor in Kaduna State and why it could occur again. The President and CEO, Global Education and Infrastructure Services (GEISE), stated this in Abuja. He said the tremor that was experienced in Kaduna State might have been as a result of blasting of rock or as a result of rock shifting under ground.

According to him, “There are two possibilities that led to the tremor that recently occurred in Kaduna, It could be as a result of Human activity (blasting and mining) or when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. It can happen again.”

On what he feels relevant agencies of the Federal Government should do, “The agencies should first established how wide the tremor was, talk to the locals and how it affected them.

“There is need to do site investigation of the area. And do data report of the area affected.

“And in a long term, there is need for the federal government to put Seismograph (is an instrument used to detect and record earthquakes), on the ground to detect tremor, in case it occurs again.”

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