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OMG!!! Adeshina James Reportedly Scammed Internet Marketer Lanre Adewale After He Sold Funds To Him

A  young man named Lanre Adewale who is an internet marketer accused Mr James Adeshina who is also a well known internet marker and claims to be Unselfish CEO for Funds scamming. Well According to him and he Sold some funds to Mr James but James refused to comply and pay for the funds. He provided a clear evidence with screenshot about the business transactions..

Below is what he wrote....

So the time has finally come to reveal the identity of someone who bought funds from me and has refused to pay. He calls himself the unselfish CEO. Now he has Blocked me, James Adeshina. I will gather every screenshot of our discussion and I will show the whole world you are a scammer and never to be trusted. Guys watch out for the screenshot tomorrow. You will go down with this I promise you James adeshina. WE SHALL SEE!!!

After our discussion with Lanre he went further and wrote...

After he posted this, James quickly replies the trolls on his facebook Page..

Below is what he wrote..

Friends beware of any blackmailing write ups and stories about me from tomorrow, some guys have been paid to post lies about me in order to stop intending customers from transacting business with me, Their aim is to spoil the integrity of my bitcoins business, this people may be among your friends, once you see any post about me, investigate properly from me before you reply to such post, meanwhile, any useless or blackmailing post against me shall be reported to department of SSS for proper investigation be it blogger or individual post.,
In case i wronged you or you are not happy with my way of life, use the block button or better still unfriend me so that you will stop seeing my daily post. If we have any unfinished business together, contact me privately to finalized the deal before bringing it public because any private transaction brought public from now henceforth shall be treated legally.Enemies wants us to go low-key but God keep favoring us on daily basis. In the journey of success, not everybody you meet on your way wants you to get to your destination because of their evil thoughts against you. They are only designed to distract you from succeeding but God will lift you higher above your enemies and vindicate us from our accusers. Is not a new thing, so don't get discourage instead get ignited to climb more mountains.
I am the James Adeshina
The unselfish CEO
Well, we are not judging this issue but the fact that James Replies this...

It simply means he is not lying...

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