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Peter Obi Former Governor Of Anambra State Start TRENDING on Twitter After Delivering A Speech #ThePlatform

After Peter Obi the former Governor of Anambra State delivered a very 1hour Speech at an Event inn LAGOS Organized by THE COVENANT CHRISTIAN CENTRE..His name became Trending  on twitter. Tweets Below
  1. I'm from Anambra State. And anyone who knew the state before Peter Obi became governor, will forever be grateful πŸ™πŸΎ
  2. How many former governors can come out and speak like Peter Obi did without getting showers of curses? INTEGRITY does not need PROPAGANDA o!
  3. Peter Obi was flying commercial while other govs flew private jets. He saved, they borrowed & squandered. Hire him 2 sell presidential fleet
  4. Peter Obi and Donald Duke those are perfect gentlemen, they are like garri they don't need promo to sell the legacy is there.
  5. Praise should go to NGIGE for good works. He performed excellently well without PEACE. So Peter Obi should have made Akwa free of Abuja kudi
  6. Some will tell you that a governor who doesn't share money will never be loved by people. But Peter Obi has a huge following in Anambra.
  7. Same People hailing Peter Obi called Fashola Overrated. Lol observing
  8. I missed Peter Obi's segment but after watching it on YouTube, l can understand the desperate need by the usual suspects to impugn him.
  9. I remember I used to criticise Peter Obi a lot. I'd sit in Lagos and go on about how he wasn't doing anything.
  10. Don't forget Peter Obi is well read and also knows a lot about finances
  11. Three governors that did wonders: Donald Duke, Peter Obi and Godswill Akpabio.
  12. Peter Obi like any man had his faults but to say he wasnt a great Governor deserves a slap. There's a reason Anambra folks always vote APGA.
  13. To those of you that watched, is it true that Peter Obi said 34 people own Nigeria?
  14. Obviously. I just dey ask whether uncle Peter Obi nor been get chance advise GEJ? E for really epp dat guy O!

  15. Peter Obi. He has always been my preferred candidate for 2019. But i suspect that he'll be a VP candidate to some other politician.
  16. Nice talk from Peter Obi at the platform but why couldn't he say all these while he was in government?
  17. So Peter Obi's speech is trending on democracy day & you are hating? He's asked you to go cross check his facts! Do that & hide ur ignorance
  18.  In reply to 
    'My job is not to make people happy, My job is to make the right decisions' - Peter Obi
  19. Retweeted The Platform Nigeria (): This country today can spend and save - His Excellency, Peter Obi
  20. What Peter Obi reeled out on is what Nigerians expect from the APC govt of . It’s simple, cut down cost of governance.
  21. Peter Obi is revealing a lot of important information.
  22. Why is Peter Obi trending?
  23. The Kitchen in Anambra State house cooks 1 cow per day and I asked why?- Peter Obi
  24. The society we help them to abuse today will take its revenge on all of us tomorrow - Peter Obi
  25. Cutting cost of governance requires no theory or rocket science, its just practical accountability as demonstrated by Peter Obi
  26. APC stalwarts don't like what Peter Obi said because it exposes their overlord.
  27. My job is not to make people happy there are people in the entertainment industry that do that. Mine is to make good decisions - Peter Obi
  28. We can live on our income as a country if we cut our cost of governance.- Peter Obi
  29. Anybody who knows how Anambra was under Mbadinuju will not ask how it changed when Peter Obi got in.
  30. Gov Peter Obi is a wonderful man!.His voice is hard to listen to but wen u go pass it, concentrate on what he is sayin the voice turns gold
  31. We need to cut the cost of governance. No Governor needs a house in Abuja. Governors don't live in Abuja - Peter Obi
  32. What an address by Peter Obi! This should be broadcast on TV over and over again.
  33. "You don't pay an alcoholic's bill while he's still in the bar, let him come out first" Peter Obi on state bailouts. cc:
  34. I love Peter Obi Common sense values based leadership! Peter Obi for president! @56
  35. "Government house is not a restaurant. One carton of champagne can pay staff salary." -Peter Obi
  36. Peter Obi for president 2019
  37. Fmr. Anambra State Gov. Peter Obi just likened our country's leadership to a case of lunatics taking over an asylum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  38. Peter Obi is a funny man ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  39. You can be the change; stop celebrating criminality - His Excellency, Peter Obi
  40. I think Peter Obi is MARKETING himself to Baba ..... Baba ... No look hin face ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  41. 'The man is a thief' we should arrest him and not pray for his money to multiply from source. - Peter Obi
  42. 155.4 million dollars is what Peter Obi left the treasuries of Anambra State 2014 when he left office and that is amazing and I'm impressed
  43. This country can function on our income and save money. His excellency - Peter Obi
  44. Seriously, I feel like Peter Obi is already campaigning😊😊😊. And you know what? I'm sold. Yup.
  45. There's so much waste in the system which can be saved - Dr. Peter Obi.

  1. We think in vernacular and speak in English -- Bishop Hassan Kukah
  2. I'm proud to say I served my father land in Anambra! 😁 Big up to Ex- governor Peter Obi!
  3. Are we borrowing for consumption or borrowing for production
  4. I'm super-hyper-gingerly motivated!
  5. Whatever God does not deserve, a human being does not deserve it -
  6. We need to cut the cost of governance. No Governor needs a house in Abuja. Governors don't live in Abuja - Peter Obi
  7. What an address by Peter Obi! This should be broadcast on TV over and over again.