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Following the recent controversies going on since yesterday after an Internet marketer held Popular Online entrepreneur James Adeshina for scamsSo many bloggers has written a post about Mr. James has a Scammer on Nairaland and other websites and forums. Well, Mr James has finally came out live on Facebook Video to settle every 
allegations against him.

He wrote,

I had one of the best deal today in the history of my internet business with my real Facebook friends, haters taught their sponsored disclaimer post can stop me but God use it to favor me with plenty of alerts into my bank account, You Haters should know that is only a fool and frustrated fellow like you will subscribe to all your rubbish posts about me.

The interesting thing is that most people feel very happy and delighted in dealing with me irrespective of what the you write about me, you have only proven that am better than you guys in all ways, Note: I will continue to clean my friend list by blocking the bad eggs that will beg me secretly for information and help and come to my wall to discredit my personality, I got 4 thousand friends list and i don't expect you all to love me because am human and not angel, The Lanre that claimed i scammed him sold hacked pay pal funds to me that got my pay pal account permanently suspended, I got this information from pay pal and close friends.

 This is the same guy that beg me on phone for feeding money and internet subscription fee as part of the fake pay pal funds he transfer to my account. If you have any strong claim that i fraud you , simply go to the nearest police station and make a report and not to waste your useless time on Facebook crying like a baby!

Final notice: Before you comment or tag anybody a scam, do your research very well, Victor Chioke you are a man i respect so much but you failed the moment you deceive people with my picture all because of traffic, I pray this does not land you in prison soon!

Don't get me wrong, not all business i have done are 100% perfect but up to 99% are successfully completed and they are still counting, so if we have any unfinished deal, meet me privately to perfect the business and don't take it personal by coming to my wall to display your talents. The moment you go against my terms and condition in business, then you have automatically defaulted and you must face the penalty.

I remained strong and loyal

I am the unselfish CEO

Below is the Video he posted this evening...


And That's how it ends......

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