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Anticipate!!! Pyno_dshaabaman ft Haddah - "In My Life" @pyno_dshaabaman @haddajah

Pyno_dshaabaman ft Haddah - "In My Life" @pyno_dshaabaman @haddajah
Watch out this 🔥 from the homie @pyno_dshaabaman "Azuuzababes and Shaabamen, the wait is over!!! the much anticipated debut single from Pyno_dshaabaman featuring Haddah  "In My Life" drops 4 days from now.

Countdown begins today....!!!

So go and mark the date 16/12/2016 on your calendars and also support the movement with your social media accounts (IG, FB, Twitter etc) with dps, shoutouts, harshtags, shares etc."

Follow on Twitter and IG: @pyno_dshaabaman @haddajah

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