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Mp3: AYO by Mirus Empire All Stars @mirusempire #AYObyMirusEmpireAllStars

Mp3:  AYO by Mirus Empire All Stars @mirusempire #AYObyMirusEmpireAllStarsAyọ/ˈɑːjoʊ - noun: common Yoruba given name, it can be given to both male and female.

Ayọ in Yoruba means Joy. Ayọ is also a common variation of the word yo.

Today, The Mirus Alpha brings you this beautiful piece that you may have joy and that your joy may be full. Regardless of the challenges and storms of the past years, we can afford a smile, a chuckle, a laughter. We can afford to share a touch of love because this joy that we have, the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away.

Hit the download link and have this experience of pure unbridled Joy.

We present to you, Ayọ: The Joy Anthem by Mirus Alpha

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