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Want to get your Money back for MMM via GH?? See How to withdraw your money with simple steps

How to withdraw your money from MMM Few Days ago MMM Nigeria came back unfreezing millions of participants account they Froze last year..But since that historic come back many people are yet to get their money back. As MMM keep giving numerous excuse.

A Friend of mine who invest money in MMM have recovered all her money using this amazing new might be shocking but many people are getting their money back using this new mmm method. 

The first method is making use of can actually get your money back using the new bitcoin payment option in mmm.
The second method is, simply sending email or calling MMM customer service that you want to PH so so amount of money but needs to GH first and you will see how fast they will match you immediately

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  1. To all MMM members who contributed above 150,000 naira, and now find it difficult to get help should please call MMM help center with the following number 08158826526 for a new method to withdraw there money. thanks for your understanding.


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