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Watch: How expert thieves stole 500k under 5Mins Recorded by CCTV camera in Lagos

This video is an incident of what happened to someone some days back, 500k was taken from her locked car at Mobil Filling station, Agidingbi Lagos Nigeria. She went to a Bank at Alausa to withdraw 500k to shop in preparation for her siblings wedding coming up soon. She took the money and kept it under her car seat, apparently, someone saw her. 

When she came out, she saw a car coming behind her, not knowing there were actually 2 cars following her, but she said she thought they were just those guys that usually run after girls even while driving, so when she got to FBN, Agidingbi, she now trafficate 
like she was going back the way she came, so the car she saw following her quickly passed her to go ahead of her to d side she trafficated to, which is the Lexus jeep that reversed at d other side in the short video. 

On seeing that the car had passed, she now decided to enter Mobil Filling Station so that they could go completely, not knowing another one was still at her back; dat one just went to Merry go round  and dat was the jeep that packed behind her car and covered her car and the Lexus jeep that parked beside her.

She parked and went into Mr. Biggs to allow the people go, she just bought a bottle of water and before she came out, her door had been opened and her money stolen!

Just see the professional action of d thieves under 5 mins! She got this video when she reported to d authorities of Mr. Biggs at Mobil and the CCTV was played for her.

Advice: Please don't leave money in the car, you don't actually know who is watching you at a corner. There are professional thieves out there watching our movements. 

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