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Tanzania Govt. threatens to publish Gay List

Tanzania Govt. threatens to publish Gay List
Tanzanian Govt. on Saturday, February 18, 2017, announced plans to publish a list of gay people allegedly selling sex online. This comes just days after the government shut down dozens of AIDS clinics accused of promoting homosexuality. Deputy health minister, Hamisi Kigwangalla, wrote on Twitter that his government was investigating the 'homosexuality syndicate' and would arrest and prosecute those involved in the gay sex business.

And he says:

I will publish a list of gay people selling their bodies online, those who think this campaign is a joke, are wrong.

The government has long arms and it will quietly arrest all those involved. Once arrested, they will help us find others.' Kigwangalla wrote.

Under the Tanzanian penal code, sex between two males is highly punishable, ranging from 30 years to life imprisonment.

He has since began to fire the gay community in the country.This a few tweets on the issue

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