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Top ten super story i still remember vividly that watch on TV Every Thursday Night #goodolddays #superstory

We've all love watching/seeing Super story on TV every THURSDAY NIGHT of every week. It's one of Nigerians Favorite TV series back then. Below are some of the popular series that we loved.

1. Oh Father, Oh Daughter

‘Oh Father, Oh Daughter’ was the very first in the super story series. It tells the story of Suara, a poor man who has been sacked from the ministry after 10 years of service. Desperate to find a job, he begs his wife, Abike, to sleep with a wealthy business owner. She agrees to do this, and their fortunes improve. Suara then begins to spend money lavishly and spend late nights out. He meets, and starts to date a devious lady called Toyin Tomato and that is the beginning of the end for Suara.

2. One Bad Apple

This series tells the story of a corrupt police officer named Francis. He uses his position to terrorise the people of the town he is posted to until a newly employed detective reveals all his antics.

3. Omoye

Omoye is the true life story of a young girl (Omoye) whose education is threatened because her father is not given his long overdue pension by the government.

4. Is This Love?

This series is about Prince Abioye who leaves his life of splendour and comfort for the unknown with Ajoke, who is the love of his life.

5. Itohan

This is the story of Itohan, a girl who has dreams to play professional soccer abroad, but instead, falls into the hands of human traffickers who sell girls into prostitution.

6. Too Blind to See

‘Too blind to see’ is the story of a wealthy heiress who is a target for ruthless gold-diggers surrounding her. But blinded by love, she refuses to see the warning signs and instantly, she finds herself on a path to disaster and is eventually betrayed by her best friend Kate.

7. Sister Sister

This story chronicles the life events of separated twins; Nelly and Nora, whose paths eventually collide despite the distance between them.

8. The Grasscutter

This is the story of a randy university lecturer who demands sex from his female students before giving them their required marks. He then forces a particular student who reveals to him that all the men that have had sex with her have died within seven days because of the curse that has been placed on her.

9. Corporate thieves

This tells the story of Osas and Gbenga whose friendship is put to the test by their different views on wealth, academics, investments and love.

10. Nnenna

Nnenna is the story of a young girl, Nnenna who is murdered by her late father’s bosom friend. Nnenna’s ghost employs the help of Akim, a troubled boy with low self-esteem to expose the evil acts of Mr Wiliki, her murderer.

We are nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator.
I believed you remember that quote as as i do.  #goodolddays #superstory

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