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A teenager stabbed to death over snapchat video

A teenager named Osman Sharif, was tragically stabbed to death after getting into a fight over one of his Snapchat stories. Osman was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife in broad daylight on Tuesday at Tottenham Green, London.He is aged 16 and his a schoolboy.

According to Evening Standard, he got caught up in a violent incident sparked after he apparently posted footage of girls fighting on Snapchat. A brawl broke out and his attacker pulled out a kitchen knife in front of a crowd of students and plunged it into the teenager’s chest.Witnesses said they saw Osman’s older brother running over to his body screaming, ‘help me, he’s dying’.

Efforts by the paramedics to revive the teenager proved abortive before he kicked the bucket. May his soul rest in peace

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