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Badoo: Clamp down on ritualists, group tells govt

     A frontline Islamic organisation, The Muslim Congress (TMC), has called on government at all levels to step up security and clamp down on ritual killers to stem killing of innocent people.
TMC President Dr Luqman AbdurRaheem, said this at the ‘Quarterly State of the Nation Address’ briefing in Lagos at the weekend.
According to him, the killings by the dreaded Badoo cult has once again highlighted the need for government at all levels to be up and doing, adding “All people involved in ritual killings including their sponsors and the errand boys must be smoked out and made to face the. The case of the Badoo cult that has laid siege to Ikorodu town and its environs is worrisome. The cult group unleashes mayhem on their victims with heavy stones to crush their skulls. They then use ritual handkerchiefs to clean victims’ blood after the operation.
     “It was gathered that each handkerchief is then sold for N500,000 to herbalists and some prominent Nigerians for money rituals.
“To end these killings, the security forces must go after the patrons who pay for this service just as well as they are raiding the criminals who are used for the operations’’.
The congress praised Lagos State Government and security operatives for their efforts. It cautioned Ikorodu residents against taking laws into their hands.
     AbdurRaheem said: “If there is no demand for human blood by the patrons, the errand boys will be out of business and the killings will stop. The people in these areas should be vigilant and guard their communities night and day. They should be wary of suspicious movements and strange faces. Wherever strange people are sighted, they should be promptly arrested and handed over to the police.
     “Everyone person should endeavour to know his neighbour and be aware of activities around him.
     “We, however, call on the people of the affected areas not to give in to jungle justice since this is likely to further increase the death toll. Most of those that will be killed in this kind of situation will be innocent people who are unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. People should not take the law into their hands rather hand over the suspects to the police.
     “The police must also quickly swing into action in order to carry out thorough and exhaustive investigations to know whether or not the suspects are culpable.”

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