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Raji Fashola, National Assembly And the National Interest

This is one of my several interventions in the public space urging the National Assembly to recognise the need to put national interest first in its actions. One of the previous interventions was entitled “Of Power Probes and National Interest” and published in most of our dailies. It was inspired by the National Assembly trivialising power probes in my opinion and making what I considered to be unfounded allegations about the country’s power sector reform. Also, the allegations could have portrayed our country in a bad light and discouraged investors and so amounted to involuntary economic sabotage.
The probe was flagged in a story published on page 8 of Vanguard of October 15, 2015. Had it taken place, it would have followed another power probe in two weeks whose result was still unknown. And I thought the House needed to do more than give Nigerians the impression that its mandate was to engage in such incessant probes that…

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