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Shock and Organ failure

     The 61-year-old democracy advocate's liver function continued to deteriorate and he suffered from "shock and organ failure", according to the First Hospital of China Medical University in the northeastern city of Shenyang.
     The hospital's website has been giving regular updates about Liu's condition since he was admitted early last month after he was transferred from prison due to late-stage liver cancer.
     The Chinese government has rebuffed international appeals to let Liu seek treatment abroad, saying he is getting the best possible care from top domestic doctors.
The United States repeated calls on Tuesday for Liu to be released and said it was ready to welcome him if he chose to be treated there.
US and German cancer experts visited Liu last weekend and determined that he was strong enough to be medically evacuated, but the hospital has issued pessimistic medical updates since then.
"As the authorities are controlling all the information about Liu Xiaobo's health condition, it's difficult to verify if the information released on the hospital's website is true or not," Amnesty International's China researcher Patrick Poon told AFP.
"It's also legitimate to question if the authorities are releasing the information about his worsening health as an attempt to delay and justify not allowing Liu Xiaobo to leave the country," Poon said.

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