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Kenya Goes To The Polls

The East Africa country of about 48 million people will today elect a President and new Parliamentarians.
Voting commence by 6:00am to 5:00pm (local time), in which the result will be released within the next seven days.

The incumbent President Kenyatta is seeking for his second and final five year term as the President but will be facing a difficult competition from Raila Odinga, who is the candidate of opposition coalition and his contesting for the fourth time.
Both candidate are sons of the country former leader, Kenyatta son of the country founding father while Odinga son of the country former Vice President.

A candidate must secure 51% of the total votes of the more than 19 million registered voters in which more than half are youth under the age of 35 and also 25% of votes in half of the 47 counties, to prevent a run-off election.

During the campaign incumbent President Kenyatta promise to provide more than one million new jobs, reduce the cost of living.
While opposition candidate Ordinga promised to fight corruption, which is in the high side in the country, create jobs and ensure food security for the country which is experiencing drought.

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