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Typhoon Hato hit China

At least 12 people have been killed and one missing after Typhoon Hato swept through southern China and the territory of Macau, leaving many millions of dollars worth of destruction.

At least eight were killed in Macau, according to AFP news agency. The Macau government said that 153 were also injured in the gambling enclave.
China's official Xinhua News Agency said on Wednesday another four were killed in the neighbouring province of Guangdong.

Local media and social media showed severe flooding had left cars underwater and people swimming in Macau's city streets, with the territory's mega-casinos running on backup generators.

A 30-year old man in Macau was reportedly hit by a wall that collapsed in the strong winds, according to the Macau government.

A man and a woman also reportedly drowned in an underground car park, while a Chinese tourist was killed in a hit-and-run incident during the typhoon.

Apple Daily news website showed footage of people swimming through muddy water in what are usually roads, and being swept off their feet by winds.

Macau's sprawling Venetian casino resort was on backup power, and without airconditioning or proper lighting, a source told AFP.
One employee of Sands, which owns the Venetian and the Parisian, said power had been out across the whole of Macau but was beginning to return.

"All transportations - air, ground, sea - have halted, so customers who have checked out cannot leave yet."
Residents took to social media to complain about city-wide power and mobile phone network outages.

At least 50 flights in Macau were also cancelled. By evening, parts of Macau were still without power.

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