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Racism in US colleges

Racism in the United States existed from the very establishment of the state. A society founded by white people, differing in their national and religious characteristics, was very different in its relation to other groups. The primary victims of racism were non-white indigenous people – Indians and Negro slaves, that is, African Americans. Legally, civil rights extended only to the white population. But despite this, the non-Protestant white population – Italians, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Greeks, some Germans, Dutch, Irish, Poles, Jews – were victims of xenophobia on the part of Protestants at the domestic level. Their Protestant majority called them “alien white”.
Though the society has adopted new tolerance standards and governments have issued many laws, which ensured equality, racism takes its place in some US institutions. Numerous racist incidents in American colleges prove the roots of this detrimental phenomenon exist even in academic circles.

Protests in Boston College

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“Black lives don’t matter” posters were recently found on the campus of Boston University. The university staff didn’t react to those racial signs provoking students to take actions. As a result, the college organisation gathered indifferent people to conduct a walkout and protest against violence in an educational institution. The representatives of the group claim the college administration ignored the hateful posters and took no actions against.

Racist fliers on the campus of Weber State University

September 2017 will be remembered for the spread of racism on college campus at Weber University. On 5 September some students and then administration noticed fliers posted on the campus. Fliers were advertising the Alt-Right movement with a provocative saying “diversity is a codeword for White genocide”. The posters depicted some scenes from a documentary called “From Slave to Criminal With One Amendment” were whipped off at the same time.
Though Weber University cannot brag about massive number of Afro-American students, the event has shaken up atmosphere in Utah.

Incidents at Western Kentucky University

An African-American assistant dean of University College received a supremacist message written on the piece of paper. The note was slipped under the door of her office. Instead of working on his or her academic performance and order cheap research paper services here, this racist person or group of them recommended dean “go back to Africa” in note.
President of University, Gary Randsell called to actions to increase awareness of racial issues among students and staff.
Scandal at Drexel University
Картинки по запросу drexel university fire scandal
On 4 January 2017 the associate professor of politics and global studies George Ciccariello-Maher was set on fire. The pretext for this incident was his ill-considered sarcastic tweet, which was misunderstood. The tweet said, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”. The professor stated all he wanted to say with such post, was to mock White Genocide idea. George Ciccariello-Maher added he recognised problem of white supremacy and wanted everyone to fight it.
In their statements, Drexel University administration said that despite the fact everyone was allowed to express their thoughts publicly, George Maher’s tweet was very disturbing and demanded to discuss the issue on an academic level.

Hatred messages in Louisiana State University

Black students of Louisiana State University received a racist message written on the doors of their apartment. Residents of the flat decorated their door with Halloween ornament. The next day they noticed a hatred message on the ornament saying “Go back to Africa nigger monkeys”.
The act may be caused by race relations activity of one of the students, who live in the apartment.
President of Louisiana State University talked to students and offered his help in finding a new living place for disturbed girls.
Members of Yale University fraternity forbade several students from entering a Halloween party at the house. Students informed that guard had explained they were looking for only white girls.
When mass media outlined incident, several students complained of facing the same situation: fraternity accepts only whites.
There were other occurrences of discrimination in the fraternity and victims claimed the group was led by racist students. Racism in college is a widespread problem that disturbs many conscious people. Regardless of the scale of this phenomenon, everyone should do their part in fighting it and achieving equality.

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