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Comrade Abiodun: The era of autocrats and prejudices

Life would have been better if people occupying positions of authority always allow to resonate in their memories that  power is transient and nothing betters using the position we are to serve humanity. The situation of this country today is debilitating; so good or bad to say that it seems the labor of our heroes past is in vain; it's nothing different from a balm of gilead that loses its efficacy. Selfless service to humanity from our so called leaders has long driven to obscurity and for the masses; confusion has rented the atmosphere.

Democracy as I was taught is the government of the people; by the people and for the people. In other words; the people by themselves decide who they want to rule them but when reverse turn out to be the case; It used to be pathetic. I will emphatically say it's glaring that the kind of government we have today practice what I called "Cabalstocracy" meaning the government of the cabals; by the cabals and for the cabals where autocracy is being exercised.

Even as the entirety of Nigerians had no option than to embrace the depletion of their vociferous modus vivendi following the sudden hike in premium motor spirit (Petrol) from #86.50 per litre to #145 per litre then to #160(lately) since the government decided to use its veto power to impose this on the masses that trooped out during electioneering period to exercise their franchise. The same government criticizing GEJ administration for paying subsidy; and having done that should bury their heads in shame.

Well.... I'm not surprised; Abraham Lincoln said and I quote "Almost every man can stand adversity; if you want to test a man's integrity, give him power". Despite the fact that the Present government prioritize fighting corruption, why the statement from the former British prime minister, David Cameron terming Nigeria to be " Fantastically Corrupt? 

The answer to the above question is not far-fetched; the reason is that  PMB's fight against corruption has biasness in it?  Some leaders who are supposed to be made to vomit all the funds they looted were overlooked all because they defected to the ruling party. In summary; you automatically becomes a saint when you are in APC.

Opposition party members are just being witch hunted as a result of enmity with some sets of anti-corruption group who are mere "toothless bulldogs" just like a local proverb that says "You must first examine your clothes before you say other people's clothes are dirty- meaning kill corruption within yourself before fighting corruption.

On the issue of Benue new year massacre, it's quite pathetic that people could be murdered gruesomely like that by some inhumane and animalistic set of people that called themselves Fulani herdsmen and no prompt reaction from the government; we need not be told that something is fishy.
The IPOB agitating for a republic and who maintained a high conduct were declared terrorists by the FG while Fulani herdsmen who can make a family desolate in a twinkling of an eye were left to go free. One question ruminating my mind and seriously begging for answer is that when would the menace and bloodbath that are being orchestrated by these heartless Fulani herdsmen come to a halt? I still can't understand why on earth should they be allowed to carry guns all about in the name of protecting cows. 

It is regrettable that these cows protected with the shedding of our fellow brothers blood or making them bereaved are still going to be bought by us.
Federal government deployed soldiers to face and kill the militants for pipeline vandalism which I know for sure it is to some extent not for the interest of the entire nation but particularly for their self-aggrandizement but to those that committed genocide; not even a single soldier was deployed to kill them because they belong to our President and that's more of the reasons he's decided to be reticent on their issue. Funny enough; he was busy going all about to solicit votes ahead of 2019 general election which shows a pococurante and high level of prejudice. Prof Wole Soyinka wrote,
By contrast, how do we categorize Myeti? How do we assess a mental state that cannot distinguish between a stolen cow – which is always recoverable – and human life, which is not?
Posterity will never forgive any government that makes the life of its citizens vulnerable. It's high time well meaning Nigerians arose and frown at this inhumane act of the Fulani herdsmen. I call on youths of like minds that we must all come together to form a formidable team and change all these agents that refused to make any change come 2019.

By Comrade Adegbeyeni Abiodun M.

Adegbeyeni Abiodun M is an unrepentant Patriot, a unionist and a gallant comrade.


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