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Victim testify in Court about Evans

Victim testifies in Court about Evans
Donatus Dunu, a representative and one of the charged casualties of suspected abduct boss, has affirmed against Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike otherwise known as Evansin court, Punch reports. 
Dunu told the court how he was stole, and how he in this way got away from catch. Evans and his posse had asked for €1 million, Duru stated, and had rejected ₦60 million when it was advertised. 
Read his declaration beneath: 

I shut from work around 7:30 p.m. at the point when a SUV deceived me and a man descended from the auto and pointed a long firearm at me. He dragged me down and pushed me into the corner of their auto and close it.  

At once, they (my family) said they have possessed the capacity to raise up to ₦60 million, promising that when I turn out, they will pay the rest of the cash, yet Evans said me and my sibling were stating waste.  

I caught one of the criminals telling others that the best alternative was to murder me since my siblings were not acting quick in paying their €1 million. 

Be that as it may, after I supplicated in the midnight of Thursday, before the Friday they booked to kill me, the shackles on my legs, similar to the one used to chain frantic individuals and the latches, opened up.  

I found the hijacker guarding me somewhere down in consider a three-seater in the parlor. 

I strolled to the kitchen, found the entryways open; at that point to the defender, facilitated my way through the free bolts; and, shockingly, I found a stepping stool in the intensify that helped my escape into the following compound.  

On the day that I bounced into the following compound, which was likewise a lodge like the one in which I was kept, I maintained wounds, aside from looking exceptionally unkempt and run down; thus, the couple into whose compound I hopped were terrified.  

They undermined to call security in the road or the police. I instructed them to call the police. When they were going to do that, power went off and they deserted me and backpedaled to rest.  

Around then, I understood that the ruffians had begun searching for me. Along these lines, I shrouded some place in there till morning.  

The couple woke up to see me and chose to call the road administrator. In any case, before they could do that, a young fellow, of around 24 years old, whipped me and pursued me out of the compound.  

I got to a nursery school around the criminals’ nook and the corporate protects there didn’t even now trust my story. By one means or another, another man who tuned in to my story chose to call my better half and cousin when I gave him their numbers. It was my cousin’s line that associated and they talked.  

In this way, the man at that point trusted that I was not a criminal. He at that point took me to Idimu Police Station, from where the Ilupeju Police Station, where my siblings at first stopped the objection of my hijacking, was reached.  

From that point, we went to the counter cultism and hijacking (office) in Surulere and after that to the Lagos State Police Commissioner’s office, from where every one of us went to the criminals’ nook.  

From that point, I was taken to Police House in Lagos, where I saw Evans and the second respondent.  

Likewise at Agege Police Station, I saw the fourth respondent known as Congo, who is from the place where I grew up.  

At the gatherings, they argued that I ought to excuse them that it was the villain that pushed them.

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