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Music: CLIFFORD – I LOVE YOU @worshipmaniac

Fresh from the successful release of his EP ‘Love And Worship’ to critical acclaim few months ago, CLIFFORD serenades us with this beautiful R&B track. His new single titled “I Love You” further reaffirms his versatility as he is able to amazingly navigate the Gospel and R&B genres with such ease & finesse.

“I Love You” is a beautiful story of love & promise of commitment. This song is a fan favorite and already called THE LOVERS ANTHEM. This is one song that will stand the test of time and be evergreen.

Lyric: I love you by Clifford

I’ve been around the world
Searching for someone – I could call my true love, oh my love
Someone who I could – rely on with all of my heart
Someone who loves me for me
Now time was ticking – and it felt like you were slipping away
Desperate to reach you, to know you – I called out your name
And in the distance – uh the sight of your beautiful face
You were coming my way – my way

When you came into my life
All the darkness turned to light
And I know though times get rough
Everything will be alright with you
‘cos this love we share
Nothing can compare
I know, you know, we both know

Take a walk with me
I want you to be mine
I hope you see the signs
That I love you endlessly
I love you endlessly

I never had enough
Never thought I’d be the one
Who would fall in love
But you stole my heart away
Baby I am yours, endlessly
Darling I vow
To always stand by my words
Be the man you need and you love
Together we will win

Forever you and me

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