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Woman Who Looks Like Donald Trump Becomes Famous. Photos

A woman in Spain has found unexpected fame on social media after many found she bore a striking resemblance to President Donald Trump. Thousands of responses flooded in last week after a journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain posted on Instagram a picture of Dolores Leis dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder.

‘My photo seems to have traveled far. I say it is because of the color of my hair,’ she told La Voz de Galicia on Tuesday.

The 64-year-old has since been asked to comment on pressing U.S. policy and international issues – though she has shown more concern for a moth plague threatening her potato crops.

‘At the moment, luckily we don’t have […] the Guatemalan moth,’ she added

The Coristanco, Spain, native has been married to her husband for 40 years and has spent her entire life in Cabana de Bergantiños.

She added she doesn’t use a mobile phone and has little interest in online chatter.

‘I have never been curious to have one but I do look at what my daughters show me. They say this picture will make me famous but I don’t get why,’ she said.

Her daughter, Ana added: ‘Imagine if we were in Donald Trump’s family!’

And social media has had a field day making puns and comparisons between the two.

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