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Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, a Detribalized Leader for Nigeria

In a society where leadership is built primarily on the size of one’s wealth, purchased loyalty and the power that comes with the official position one occupies, it is a moral burden and call to duty, rolling out the drums to blow the trumpet of any noble man or woman, no matter how wealthy or poor that personality is, who has distinguished himself or herself competently and credibly in serving humanity. The leadership style of Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, on the contrary is built and derived from his charisma, positive influence, selfless service and laudable track-record of achievements.

It is clearly evident that this country can only progress with a visionary leader that has been tried and trusted given the peculiar nature of Nigeria, where most political leaders come to entice the people only to later fend for selfish gains.

Youths and well meaning country men and women have continuously called on the former Kaduna State Governor, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi to run for the seat of President in the upcoming 2019 elections. Describing him as a visionary, detribalized and soft spoken but charismatic Nigerian.

Following calls from Nigerians, both home and in diaspora, for a credible candidate like Makarfi for the 2019 presidential race, a leader who serves his people well, enshrined in their hearts and minds, the former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, after coming to terms with the fact that he is in a better position to address the myriads of problems confronting the country, finally disclosed that he will seek the nomination of his party to contest the 2019 presidential Election. He disclosed this in an interview with journalists in Kaduna on Sunday 17th June. This is the consequence of his selfless and dedicated service to both God and humanity. Senator Ahmed Mohammed
Makarfi, has benevolently attracted to himself a call to serve because he has enshrined himself, through his good deeds, in the hearts and minds of the good people of Kaduna state and Nigeria as a whole.

As a governor from 1999 to 2007, with his unassuming nature and magnetic strength of character, he remarkably piloted the affairs of Kaduna state by placing it back on the path of accelerated socio-economic development, and gave all a sense of belonging during his tenure. A typical but celebrated example of his magnanimity as a governor was the creation of additional chiefdoms, which liberated some ethnic groups in the state from years of subjugation and colonization despite strong opposition. Just to mention but a few of his achievements; he established the Kaduna State University (KASU), embarked on rural electrification, engaged in human capacity development and empowerment, erected the first overhead bridge in the state, he also conceptualized, initiated, constructed new roads and reconstructed old ones.

In the senate from 2007, he might not have been the most vocal voice during debates, but as regards lobbying for important bills, piloting the mammoth task as committee chairman on finance and in molding consensus across various cleavages, he is a gold medalist. Even as a lawmaker, the welfare need of his people has always been uppermost in his humane heart. He has been committed and consistent over the years in the economic empowerment of his people, providing scholarship to indigent students and in the implementation of constituency projects based on the most relevant needs of his constituents in Kaduna North senatorial zone of Kaduna state.

The former PDP caretaker Chairman is truly an epitome of legendary humility and calmness, a consensus molder and bridge builder, a dedicated patriot and nationalist, an astute pro-people politician and unrepentant democrat, a cheerful giver of both self and resources, and an indefatigable elder statesman of repute. At all times, he has brought to the fore his passion and years of experience in both public and private sector, as an administrator and banker of note, for the benefit of not just the upper class, as his contemporaries are guilty of, but the average man and woman in the remotest village especially in Kaduna state. Also, in the politics of Kaduna state, his unrivaled political dexterity and acumen is second to none and the envy of his most renowned critics, while at the national level, he possesses an uncommon capacity to build and mold consensus across ethno-religious and political divide. This has earned him widespread respect not just in his home state but also nationally.

The above description of the characteristics that make-up the sterling personality and character of the sage Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi; does not portray him in anyway as perfect, that would be comparing him to God Almighty, which would be blasphemous, but by far an expression of his positive attributes outweighing and silencing the negatives as we gear up for the 2019 election.

Kaduna state and Nigeria is proud to have the rare privilege of producing a colossus like Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, as there is no more powerful motivation for others than a leader who sets an example. He is a noble man that the 2019 presidential cap will accurately fit, in order to give a sense of hope to the new generation and inspiration to posterity; which is what we need the most as a nation, in the face of the present conundrum that confronts us.

By Oluwaseyi O
Makarfi Media Support Team

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