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Klopp reveals team that will challenge Liverpool, Man City for title

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, has insisted Tottenham Hotspur will contest the Premier League title race with his team and Manchester City, following their 6-2 win over Everton on Sunday.

Spurs closed the gap to league leaders Liverpool to six points with the victory at Goodison Park and are just two points behind City.

“I saw the game yesterday against Everton.

“Of course, with the goal which didn’t count, and then the first goal of Tottenham was a situation that Tottenham obviously needed because Everton played absolutely more than okay in the first couple of minutes.

“But then they hit pretty much everything and it was really impressive how Tottenham did. That same can happen or will happen to Chelsea, to Arsenal, all that stuff.

“There is no decision made, that’s how it is. Why should it be that nobody can feel safe, nobody should feel out of the race, whatever. It’s just not the time to think about it actually.

“And, for me, [Tottenham] were never out [of the race] – so why should I be surprised they are in now again?

“It’s just a fantastic football team. I’ve said a few times, for me Tottenham had the most difficult summer period and I don’t talk about not signing players – because if you have the right team why should you sign players?

“It’s just because eight or nine players played the full World Cup nearly and playing so far such a season is more than impressive.

“So a lot of teams are in what you call the title race and that’s the way it should be. And that’s maybe the only difference to last year when pretty much no-one was in it and that’s good for all supporters,” Klopp said according to UK Metro.

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